T hose who are less fortunate

O ften don't want to ask for help.

H ard times hit all of us at some point

E njoy your good fortune

L et your fortune help others

P eople helping people makes this world a better place!"             

Catherine Pulsifer 


This is a personal virtual cancer support fundraiser by Graham Dooley, a resident of the Isle of Wight. In particular, by providing or assisting in the provision of equipment needed in connection with cancer relief, patient care or treatment at St. Mary Hospital NHS Trust, Newport, Isle of Wight or elsewhere on the Isle ofWight.

I hope to raise at least £10,000 by simply asking for donations from any local company, business, person, charity, body, group, etc feel they would like, and can afford, to contribute something towards this fundraiser. We are all going through difficult times but cancer costs.

To date £1,366.00 Donated 

Please note that this is a fundraiser and not attached to any particular charity or organisation.

MRI Scanners


Urinary & Oncology